Forefront Services to the Valued Client

  1. Concept, design and project development [Biogas Plants].
  2. Test fermentat in an industrial-scale on-site and labs.
  3. Overall planning (all planning phases, construction supervision,commissioning).
  4. Complete plant delivery and erection [TURN KEY] as General Contractor [GC].
  5. Operational optimization and engineering service for existing plants.
  6. Research toward the development and optimization of bioenergy processes.

General competence of Nordtec in Biogas industry:

  1. Sales
  2. Development of the main site
  3. Engineering and planning.
  4. Plant construction and commissioning.
  5. Technical and Operational management.
  6. Services covering technical and micro-biological aspects.
  7. Raw material management
  8. Charge/ Heating technology.
  9. Agitators
  10. Handling technology.
  11. Digester heaters.\
  12. Gas treatment plants.
  13. Combined heat and power unit.
  14. Biomass mixing area.
  15. Power feed into the grid.