An investment in a biogas plant is a positive decision for the secured energy supply in the future.

Biogas Plants – Concept – Design – Planing – Construction – Erection – Commissioning

Our core business concerns the development and construction of plants for the production and economic use of biogas. We are not only one of the leading suppliers of biogas plants, but also one of the few comprehensive suppliers in our sector. Next to building systems, we also offer services covering engineering and development, as well as service and system management.

Biogas systems will only operate efficiently and economically if their system technology and microbiology are perfectly matched. Consequently, we follow the maxim “Everything from a single source”. To safeguard a high level of plant availability, our customers are supported by a competent team of specialists, covering planning, permits, process technology, biology and system construction.

The conversion of biogenous waste matter into biogas has become an important subject internationally. In many countries, the necessary political conditions and terms for subsidies are currently being created as a basis for the development of the biogas market. In future, we will concentrate even more on selected export markets.

Biogas Plants for Distillery Units – Trademark of Nordtec Technology

Distillery effluent, which is commonly termed, as raw spent wash is one of the most polluting effluent with very high values of BOD, COD, suspended solids & dissolved solids. This dark brown effluent has great potential of biogas generation, which can be used as fuel and burnt directly in boiler or can be used to generate electricity by burning the same in biogas engines.

Nordtec is a partner company of MM Enviro, India. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a process which converts high strength wastewater into biogas.  The Digester based on CSTR process offered by Nordtec provides higher treatment efficiency and is considered the best available amongst anaerobic processes. The CSTR system gives consistent and higher volume of biogas production. It is not only the most reliable system but also the most easiest to operate.

Besides our executive management – Nordtec also has battery of supporting Staff i.e site engineers and chemists for carrying out execution and commissioning of the Biogas / Effluent treatment plant project.