Nordtec Automation is a firm specializing in engineering, consulting, manufacturing and integration of automated production systems. We provide innovative technological production systems. We provide innovate technological solutions to a wide range of customers in the fields of manufacturing and industrial processes with the help of our team of qualified experts in mechanics, electricity, automation, robotics, instrumentation and information systems.

Our main objective is to assist those responsible for the supervision, control and optimization of chemical processes, distributed over a large area. These processes require maximum reliability, availability and cost-effectiveness. We fulfill these tasks by means of integral systems, solutions for data acquisition, transmission, distribution, processing and the representation of correct information. By “Correct” we mean making the right amount of information available at the right place at the right time without any information getting lost or changed unnoticed.

By always striving for highest standards, we have been successful in implementing a number of projects during the last years. The following pages show the list of our projects in the various market sectors, as such

  • Power Plants
  • Chemical & Petro-Chemical Industry
  • Sugar and Allied Plants
  • CO2 Recovery Plants.

Inspect Capabilities

  • Inspection of Valves
  • Inspection of Instrumentation Installation Covering all field & Control Room Installations.
  • Calibration of Pressure Regulators, Control Valves, Flow Meters

Field Instruments

  • Sizing & Selection of Control Valves.
  • Sizing of Orifice meters, Vortex Flowmeters, Magnetic Flowmeter.
  • Material selection.

Single Loop Controollers

  • Preparing Schematics of Single Loop Controllers
  • Development & Implementing Programs for Programmable Controllers

Distributed Control System

  • Preparation of Regulatory & Sequence Control Schematics
  • Selection of DCS System Components and Integration of Plant wide automation.
  • Detailed Engineering on System Software
  • Service & Trouble Shooting
  • Installation & Commissioning

Programmer Logic Control System (PLC)

  • Preparation of Sequence Control Schematics.
  • Third-Party System Selection.
  • Supervision of Detailed Engineering.
  • Service & Trouble Shooting.

Electrical Services

  • Electrical services design, testing and commissioning.
  • Lighting & power.
  • Sub-mains.
  • Door entry systems.
  • Fire alarm systems & cctv system.
  • Lightning protection.
  • HV & LV switchgear.
  • Pre-planned maintenance.

Renewable Energy

  • Solar Energy.
  • Wind Energy.
  • Biomass Energy.

  • Projects/ Experience

      1. Shakarganjh Sugar Mills Unit 2 Bhoon, Punjab

    • Cable Tray Work.
    • Cable Lying.
    • Termination & Installation of Instruments.
      2. Shakarganjh Sugar Mills Unit 3, Punjab

    • Electrical &Automation of 80 Ton Boiler with HC-900 Honeywell Hybrid controller.
    • Electrical &Automation of Deep Bed Filters &Talo With Mitsubishi PLC.
      3. Itefaq Sugar Mills Ltd, Punjab

    • Electrical & Automation of 80 ton Boiler With Delta PLC.
      4. Siraj Sugar Mills Ltd, Punjab

    • Electrical & Automation of Deep bed Filters &Talo with Mitsubishi PLC.
      5. Hunza Sugar Mills Ltd, Punjab

    • Electrical & Automation of Falling Film Evaporators.
      6. Mehran Sugar Mills Ltd, Sindh

    • Electrical &Automation Work of Deep Bed Filters.
      7. Chambed Sugar Mills Ltd, Sindh

    • Electrical & Automation work of 80 ton Boiler with HC-900 Honeywell Hybrid Controller.
    • Complete Process House Automation With DCS.
      8. Pak Ethanol Pvt Ltd, Sindh

    • Electrical & Automation Work of BIOGAS Plant.
      9. Pak Ethanol Pvt Ltd, Sindh

    • Electrical & Automation Work of 24 Ton CO2 Recovery PlantWith Siemens S7-300.
      10. Pak Gases Pvt Ltd, Punjab

    • Electrical & Automation Work of 48 Ton CO2 Recovery PlantWith Siemens S7-300.