fabricationWell equipped and experienced fabrication shop capable of designing and fabricating specialized as well as conventional steel products, including:

  1. Fully qualified and registered Boiler Branch for design manufacture and repair of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pipe and fittings.
  2. Heavy Structural steel.
  3. Mild Steel M/S storage tanks for sugar molasses.
  4. Materials handling equipment and structures.
  5. Screw and idler conveyors.
  6. Ore Bins
  7. Asphalt and Salt Dyers.
  8. Chute and plate work.
  9. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium.
  10. API oilfield tank manufacturing up to 30’ diameter.
  11. Construction Trench Liners.

Custom Machining

custom-machiningOur company is capable of providing fast turnaround service for all types of machined metal requirements, including:

  1. All materials including mild steel [MS], stainless steel [SS], titanium, and alloy steel machining.
  2. Die and jig work.
  3. Pipe threading and vic grooving.
  4. Manufacturing production; machinery and equipment processing.
  5. Construction and chemical process equipment refurbishing and rebuilding.
  6. All types of process, irrigation pump rebuilding.
  7. All general machining requirements.

Production Machining

1Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machining is an automated process for complex projects. Nordtec uses the leading edge technology available to the industry and routinely handles complicated projects involving mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium and carbon steel. Projects and procedures include the following:

  1. High-tolerance parts manufacturing.
  2. Die and jig work.
  3. Sugar / process industry pump parts.
  4. Helical interpolation.
  5. Complete profiling functions.


MillwrightBanner3CA millwright (also known as an industrial mechanic) is a tradesperson who installs, repairs and maintains industrial machinery and mechanical equipment. Millwrights interpret drawings and assemble parts until they are in perfect working order. Whether your repair requires total redesign and manufacturing or just a minor rebuild, the millwright team at Nordtec can put your machinery back to practically new at lower cost than replacement.
Millwrighting services include:

  1. Machinery Rebuilds.
  2. Pump rebuilds.
  3. Fabricate and Install machines and equipment.
  4. Machinery Upgrades.
  5. Maintenance.
  6. Machine Alignment.
  7. Rigging and Shop Crane Service.
  8. Plant shutdowns.


4Nordtec offers in-house engineering, design and drafting services to address your specific project. Complete project integration has a number of benefits:

Efficiency – we handle all aspects of project management from design to completion which saves you time and money.
Quality – the latest Autodesk software including AutoCAD and Inventor allows for 3D prototyping, designing and building of a wide range of complex projects to ensure the end product is top quality down to the last detail.
Flexibility – Due to the tight integration between engineering and our various manufacturing departments we can add value by adapting parts and products anywhere during the concept to manufacturing stage.